About Neuralify

We are an intelligent automation services and solutions company, using our deep expertise and novel software solutions to help companies accelerate and scale intelligent automation programs.

Founded in late 2016, we believe intelligent automation will impact business and society at a magnitude surpassing the internet.

This revolution, led by RPA, has put low-code technologies in the hands of a wide variety of corporate users, including so-called ‘citizen developers’ who typically lack formal technical skills. Organizations continue to scale RPA, which is driving the need for differentiated education and engagement approaches that can keep up with massive global growth.

Further, instituting and scaling RPA requires three things: an automation product, organizational change process, and proper enablement of its people. People enablement is an issue all RPA vendors are wrestling with. Those who excel at this all-important customer experience will be the winners in an increasingly competitive space.

“This was the best online RPA training I have ever attended. Great content showing real-life best practices, patterns and tricks…Excellent, practice-oriented enablement.”

Fortune 50,
Global Technical Sales

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