Introducing SPECTRE, The Business Process Training Simulator

Innovative Platform Helps To Accelerate RPA Developer’s Experience Curve

Concord, MA — Neuralify, a boutique intelligent automation services and solutions firm, today released the commercial version of its RPA training simulator, SPECTRE (Simulated Process Environment for Coaching and Training RPA Experts). SPECTRE will present the kind of ‘real life’ disruptive scenarios that RPA developers will face and need to overcome to build effective and resilient automations. The platform is designed to simulate typical business processes along with the types of disruptions frequently found in a production environment. In this mode, developers will accelerate their acquisition of skills necessary to face enterprise automation requirements.

SPECTRE adds to the firm’s growing reputation as an industry leader in unique and experience-based RPA training through its Neuralify University platform and programs, including its Basic Automator course, a weeklong introductory training that has pioneered a unique workshop-based approach to training RPA developers, and its Advanced Automator offering, geared to train the RPA power user.

John Mone, Managing Partner at Neuralify, commented: “SPECTRE builds upon our growing reputation as an innovative provider of RPA services and solutions. There is a clear market need for skilled RPA development talent, and our experience-driven, applied training can make an important contribution to solve this. We look forward to continuing to innovate and help our clients build a robust and self-sufficient RPA practice that can scale the return on their RPA investment.”

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