Neuralify Launches Revolutionary RPA Immersion Training

Compressing the Learning Curve for Robotic Process Automation Developers

Concord, MA — Neuralify, the pure-play automation services and solutions firm, today released its Immersion Training Program for Automation Developers. This innovative program, the first of its kind in the industry, complements its first-class training courses with a deep-dive applied learning segment designed to compress the learning curve for robotic process automation (RPA) developers from months to a few weeks.

Students will first complete the Basic Automator or Advanced Automator course, then immerse themselves in SPECTRE, Neuralify’s novel online simulation platform, where they will automate a business process in an environment that includes the types of real-world obstacles and disruptions that developers must be able to handle to become an effective and consistent creator of robust and resilient automations.

Neuralify experts will guide students through Immersion with daily standups and mentoring throughout the project. SPECTRE’s speed and accuracy scoring, leaderboard and badge awards will provide objective feedback and add a fun and competitive element to the experience. Graduates will receive complimentary lifetime access to Community, the knowledge-sharing forum dedicated to all-things RPA.

John Mone, Managing Partner at Neuralify, commented: “New technology always comes with a learning curve and we’re using our expertise to accelerate the learning process so firms can scale their RPA programs quickly and effectively.”

About Neuralify

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